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When it comes to educational publications such as user manuals, human resources guides and other training and how-to materials, you need to work with a marketing and communications partner you can trust for dependable manual printing. By working with PhotoGraphics, you’ll get eye-catching printing solutions that will deliver information in an efficient and effective way.

In addition to printing, we offer:

  • Assistance with design and development from start to finish
  • A wide range of professional binding options
  • Enhanced features like custom tabs, CD/DVD pockets

At PhotoGraphics, our manual printing services are backed by decades of experience in developing materials in black and white and full color, with professional graphic designers who can assist you from design and development to printing and distribution. We’ll also help you with revision and version control, making it easy to track changes and make updates on a regular basis.

Working with the team at PhotoGraphics means that you’ll get more than a printing solution—you’ll get manual printing services that cover everything you need to create, package and print a wide range of unique projects.

Although all of your marketing materials should communicate important messages about your organization, nothing tells your story in a more comprehensive way than your companies annual report. It’s your chance to share your successes with your customers and stakeholders, while allowing you to put your best foot forward for the next year of sales. At PhotoGraphics, our friendly team can help you design and print your annual report, with great services that include:

  • Brand-strengthening layouts
  • Compelling images
  • Finishing and binding
  • Designs that reflect the culture of your organization

Whether your company is large or small, your commitment to success and excellence is the same. It’s time you share that commitment with an annual report design that truly reflects how your company does business. These reports serve as one of the most important components of your overall marketing strategy, so they need to maintain a highly professional and engaging look and feel.

We know that your annual report needs to be more than just a booklet of numbers, which is why we’ll work with you to create a report from your digital files, or help you create a great design from the ground up. The options are limitless when you choose PhotoGraphics for your annual report design services.

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